Touch Africa Safaris Zimbabwe

Think hunting. Think Africa. Think Touch Africa Safaris.

Your hosts the Collett’s offer you the best of wilderness areas in Zimbabwe with its wide-open spaces where you can become one with the animals that you hunt. We are head quartered in the famed Bubiana Conservancy in the south of the country, which boasts the most beautiful and dramatic scenic beauty in the Sub Saharan Africa. The vast landscape is littered with huge granite outcrops descriptively referred to in the native tongue as Gomos.

The Gomos are home to some of the finest Leopard ever taken and a population density second to none.

The deep valleys are home to large numbers of plains game in their different species from the majestic Kudu, to the nimble Impala. Zebra and Wildebeest are prolific as are Waterbuck and Livingston Eland, Warthog, Bushpig and the stately Giraffe. They all share the habitat with Elephant, Black Rhino, Leopard and Cape Buffalo.

Our Dangerous game hunts take place in the Bubiana Conservancy as well within concessions throughout Zimbabwe and the Zambezi Valley. It is the premier dangerous game concession in Southern Africa. In the best we offer the best camps, facilities and service from the beginning of your safari, through your hunt to taxidermy services through Collett Wildlife Artistry located in Bulawayo Zimbabwe. We have numerous hunt types and packages for you to consider and we look forward to hosting you.

Safari Options

Safari Option Minimum Days Daily Rate
Plains Game 7 Days Min. US$   400.00
Sable / Plains Game 10 Days Min. US$   700.00
Leopard / Plains Game 14 Days Min. US$   850.00
Buffalo / Plains Game 10 Days Min US$ 1,000.00
Buffalo / Leopard / Plains Game 18 Days Min. US$ 1,200.00
Elephant / Plains Game 10 Days Min. US$ 1,200.00
Elephant / Leopard / Plains Game 18 Days Min. US$ 1,200.00
Elephant / Buffalo / Plains Game 18 Days Min. US$ 1,200.00








Cape Buffalo Management Safari 2014

  • Only 7 days, 1x1 and includes (1) Management Cape Buffalo Bull and Plains Game may be taken for trophy fee.
  • Buffalo will measure between 32” - 36”.
  • Safari Fee:  US$ 9,000.00
  • Please note: Price for 2:1 on request.

Trophy Fees 2013

African Wild Cat US$    250.00
Baboon US$    100.00
Bushbuck US$    800.00
Bushpig US$    350.00
Cape Buffalo Bull US$ 2,750.00
Caracal / Servil US$    550.00
Civet US$    350.00
Cheetah On Request
Crocodile On Request
Duiker US$    250.00
Eland US$ 1,650.00
Genet (Spotted) US$    225.00
Giraffe US$ 1,500.00
Grysbuck US$    450.00
Hippopotamus On Request
Honey Badger US$    275.00
Hyena (Spotted) US$    500.00
Impala US$    250.00
Jackal US$    100.00
Klipspringer US$    675.00
Kudu US$ 1,250.00
Leopard US$ 3,500.00
Lion On Request
Monkey US$    100.00
Sable US$    100.00
Steenbuck US$    450.00
Warthog US$    400.00
Waterbuck US$ 1,650.00
Wildebeest (Blue) US$    850.00
Zebra (Burchells) US$    900.00
Elephant Bull On Request
Rifle Hire with Ammo Per Day US$     50.00




























Terms & Conditions

  • Price for 2:1 on request.
  • Specialty animals such as Hippo and Crocodile can be hunted on their own at a negotiated daily rate.
  • Transfer fees are applicable.
  • All prices quoted are in US Dollars.
  • Non-hunting companions pay US$ 200 per day.
  • Plains Game Safaris are designed for a group of hunters numbering between 4 to 6 clients. Clients will be encouraged to take part in the culling of non-trophy animals and to collect trophy animals during the course of this safari.
  • Non-trophy animals are mainly females and at the discretion of the PH some males that are deemed non-trophy can be taken.
  • US$ 25.00 cover fee per animal taken for non-trophy animals will be levied.
  • Should you wish to export any part of the animal, one third of the published trophy fee will be charged. In this event the US$ 25.00 will be credited to this fee.
  • Trophy animals taken during the course of this hunt will be charged out at our published trophy prices and are all exportable.
  • Daily Rate: A daily rate of $200.00 per person per day will levied for this safari, which includes the services of a Professional Hunter on a two on one basis, your accommodation in our luxury camp with all meals, laundry facility and safari transportation.
  • Not included are transfer fees, hotel accommodations prior to and after your safari and government levies, which are 2% of your daily rate.